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Rob Pizzo proves that for some of us, shows saying" time flies" definitely includes stating NHL.

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Rob Pizzo catches you up on the week that captures in the all-Canadian division in the NHL." When bad practices leakage into your video game, it's truly hard to get them out," he said. Leafs blow up previous Senators:

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< img src=" https://thumbnails.cbc.ca/maven_legacy/thumbnails/580/811/CP118299026_( 1). Gallagher assists Habs edge Leafs:
< img src= "https://thumbnails.cbc.ca/maven_legacy/thumbnails/906/715/CP117867624_ (1). 9 NHL realities that might make you feel old ... in 90 seconds:

CBC Sports' Rob Pizzo North Division roundup:

Gallagher assists Habs edge Leafs:
Brendan Gallagher's goal in the last minutes

of the 3rd period led Montreal to a 2-1 win over Toronto. 1:17 Danault recovered from that early gaffe to play a strong game against Matthews and Marner, who together with Joe Thornton, integrated to install 11 points against Ottawa in Thursday's 7-3 victory. "We've been playing versus top lines every night," said Danault, flanked by Gallagher and Tyler Toffoli on Montreal's No. 1 trio.

" It's not much of a different difficulty. They're actually good. They get one opportunity, they score." We've got to remove their possibilities and remain in their face-- aggressive in our zone, not be too passive. We've got to develop on what we did the last two periods versus Toronto. We remained in their face and we were playing our video game."

Habs' offending touch

The Leafs might have had 3 or four objectives because opening 20 minutes, but Carey Price remained enough time for his colleagues to find their legs after losing 2 straight, and three of their last 4, in policy.

" It's been great to recuperate," Canadiens head coach Claude Julien said of the break. "We've got to get where we ended.

" That's easier said than done when you've been off for a week."

ENJOY "It's simply a matter of us beginning the video game on time," he stated.

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