Start training is very good, with a short time we feel more willing, we see our body change, we make new friends. It is a new world. But when choosing the accessories, it beats that insecurity.

Today we have so many different products on the market, that instead of helping, hinder our choice. And the choice becomes practically difficult when we have to choose the electronic devices to train (GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Cycle Computer, Sports Watch… ..).

Cardiac Monitors, GPS and Sports Watches, what are they for?

All of these tools are for one thing only, controlling your training. In the beginning we controlled our training over time only. But gradually heart rate monitors and GPS devices emerged, which also offered the functions of sports watches (stopwatch, timer, audible alarms).

In the next generation, devices emerged that integrated all of these features into one device, allowing training control to be much more accurate and efficient. Today the biggest evolution, these are devices that connect via WIFI or Bluetooth to our computers and mobile phones so we can follow our workouts through a specific application.

How to choose? What do I really need?

The answer to these questions is not that simple, but I will give some tips to help you. I point out that there are many other models on the market, but I will recommend based on the devices I know closely and have used.

For the runners

For runners, a GPS watch makes training a lot easier, and it is great to be able to measure and compare your runs and see your progress. For those who want to take training seriously, I recommend a GPS with heart rate monitor and stride cadence.

For the beginner:

I consider the best option for the novice Garmin Forerrunner 10 watch, which despite being a watch that was launched a few years ago but offers an excellent cost benefit. With it you can track your runs through GPS and even send your activities to Garmin Connect (garmin’s platform to store and analyze your workouts).

For serious runners:

For the serious guys who are really concerned about their performance, my nomination is the Garmin Foreruner 620. This one already offers more training features besides cardiac monitoring. Highlights of this model come from tracking the cadence of stride, its color touch screen and its integration with garmin connect. 

For those who want to spend little:

For those who don’t want to spend the best option is to use the Strava or Runtastic app, with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor tape and a Foot Pood. Currently in the domestic market, I recommend the All4One strap, which at the time of publication of this article was the cheapest on the market.

Beginner cyclist:

For the novice rider, I recommend the Garming Edge 500 (or the slightly more expensive 510 but also really cool). Offered in simple version (GPS only) and combo version with speed sensor and heart rate monitor strap. If it fits the budget buy the full version.

Are you now ready to buy your device? If you want to buy online, I recommend as the best online watch shop to deal with.