Coming off an electric game against the Oilers, the Jets are looking to keep the momentum going as they face another Pacific division opponent. The Jets have historically been really good against the Kings and are looking to swap the recent losing streak for winning one. Here’s some of the important story lines as he head into tonight’s game.

1) Can we please have more of last game?

An instant season classic saw the Oilers roll into town on Sunday night. Given the Oilers firepower, most Jets fans were fairly worried, particularly on the penalty kill. Heading into the game Winnipeg was dead last in PK% and the Oilers were number one in PP%. That’s not usually a great combination…

Surprisingly, Winnipeg went out and managed to stop both of the powerplays for the Oilers. The rest of the game was exciting with chances going both ways and the Jets stifling Connor McDavid and the Oilers. After an outrageous overtime period, it was the ultra rare 0-0 game heading into a shootout. Patrik Laine snapped home the winner and everyone in Winnipeg went home with a little jump in their step.

More games like that will win back the fans pretty quickly and I wouldn’t be surprised to see ticket sales jump back up after a performance like that.

2) Maurice’s 700th win

It took slightly longer than expected, but Maurice was finally able to nab his 700th coaching victory of his career. He’s just the seventh coach in the history of the NHL to get that feat. That doesn’t mean things are all rosy for Pomo as the coaching records have him as the losingest coach in NHL history. Debates will be had for a long time whether or not Maurice is a good coach or not, but his longevity in the league is something to marvel at.

3) Wheeler’s gone cold

There were glimpses of it last year and it’s happening again, Blake Wheeler doesn’t look like himself. The Wheeler that has played for the Jets since 2011 is fast, aggressive, smart, and able to find passing lanes that nobody else can. This Wheeler is bobbling the puck, missing passes and lagging behind the play. Is it a minor injury we don’t know about? Is it Wheeler just getting older each season? We might never know, but one thing to watch is how Wheeler rebounds after having a few tough games in a row.

4) Happy Hellebuyck

The early season doubt surrounding Connor Hellebuyck has been vanquished as he’s now sporting a sparkling .929 sv% in his seven starts this year. After a few struggles out of the gate, Hellebuyck has turned things around, especially in the last few games with phenomenal 28 save shutout against the Oilers.

Having stability in net is a massive asset and the Jets are hoping that Hellebuyck’s play can also get Laurent Brossoit back on track after a few tough outings for him as well.

Bold Prediction

The Jets are looking to build off a fun night against the Oilers and this time the firepower will show up to the rink. Jets score early and often and come out on top with a 5-1 victory against the Los Angeles Kings.