New season, new alternate jerseys? This morning, the NHL posted a promotional preview, teasing reverse-retro jersey colours per team:

Each jersey had a particular number, seemingly the year the throwback design will refer to. Canucks users were quick in identifying the ’01’ jersey, leading many to think about the West Coast Express era’s gradient alternate:

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In the 2001-02 season, the Canucks reacquired Trevor Linden in a trade with the Washington Capitals (exactly 19 years ago from today!) and debuted a unique alternate jersey which featured an ombré tone, changing from navy blue to maroon in the torso.

Could we see a reverse-retro gradient jersey in a green and blue colourway?

Most will agree that the short-lived Flying Skate jerseys were the GOAT, but something new could change Canucks fans’ minds… Considering the multiple vintage opportunities the team has, there are many speculations.

This one by S7Dsn on Twitter features the Flying V design, in the implied colour scheme:

They could also potentially go for the Stick-in-Rink design in its flipped colour scheme, as predicted by @vanessajang and RobTheHockeyGuy on Twitter: feature a variety of concepts for all the teams, including a design featuring the Johnny Canuck logo. It was discontinued in the ’70s to favour the Stick-in-Rink but maybe it can make a comeback, according to Richard Morin:

Photo Credit: designed by Richard Morin

Jersey speculations have been brewing over the past few months, with teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers supposedly having their designs leaked on Ebay. Boston Bruins fans were recently disappointed in a leak that did not feature their beloved vintage bear logo. In the comments below the NHL retro-reverse promo, New York Islanders fans are crossing their fingers in hopes of the Fisherman design making a comeback.

The Canucks stated not too long ago that they would not be adding another jersey next season, but that can now be confirmed as a smokescreen to keep the secret under wraps that all 31 NHL teams have been curating new reverse retro jerseys. It certainly adds to the hype!

The reverse-retro jerseys will be unveiled in under a week, on Monday November 16th.

What do you think a Canucks retro-reverse jersey could look like?