Tonight my idol Willie O'Ree's number 22 will be hung from the rafters (Finally). Willie O'Ree's No. 22 raised to rafters in Boston:< div class =" player-placeholder-video-ui" title= "Boston Bruins retire Willie

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" > <a" > #Willie 22—@NHLBruins!.?.!  Ayala told me through email that>O'Ree's fire for the video game is still hot.>

&" In 2020, l saw him win a faceoff cleanly against Blake Bolden throughout a

street hockey exhibit, "she composed." The 2 attended a regional Anaheim school together with the Black Hockey History mobile museum, and I can testify, the man still has fast hands! "He committed his life to hockey and hockey communities all over the U.S. and Canada. He has actually introduced underrepresented youth in hockey to the game and shared his story with the world. He welcomed anybody wanting to embrace hockey. And that makes him not only one of the most treasured players in the league's history however one of the most genuine guardians of the video game. The City of Boston officially declared Jan. 18 as Willie O'Ree Day.

Although O'Ree has confessed that he was a youth fan of the Montreal Canadiens, the traditionally bitter rivals of the Bruins, he felt a part of the Bruins household. I wrecked as the banner was raised to the ceiling. How was it possible that I, a second-generation Canadian from Halifax( born into a Montreal Canadiens caring family ), would be crying

as a homage to a Boston player took place? That is not just the power of O'Ree's impact but a win for history and for the future of hockey.