The big news today was the release of the new Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys across the NHL. The Jets version featured a mostly grey body with the throwback logo crest along with blue and navy accents.

Well… what do you think?

At first glance, I wasn’t a big fan of the concept. The grey was underwhelming and with the only colour being blue, it feels like it’s missing something. However, once I saw the jersey with the rest of the uniform, it started to grow on me. The tinted visor with the black helmet gives off a pretty cool vibe and feels a little space age.

I think that once these are seen on the ice it will win over some more fans. And let me tell you, most fans weren’t very happy with these jerseys. After performing a very scientific study by scouring the comments on various social media outlets, the general consensus isn’t great. A lot of people wanted some red accents while others were thrown off with the grey.

When taking a look around the league, some other jerseys were really interesting. The Coyotes have a wicked purple jersey with a unique background while the Ducks are rocking a version of the old-school Mighty Duck logo. On the other side of the spectrum, the Red Wings looked like a practice jersey while I’m not sure the New York Islanders jersey is any different than what they’ve worse throughout the last decade. The Jets seem to fall somewhere near the middle in terms of hits and misses.

With this new jersey, the Jets have a few nice throwbacks like the old logo and the lettering on the neck with “WPG ’79”.

Having a grey jersey is fairly unique as Vegas is the only team with a similar colour. Even though the jersey has less colour than most people anticipated, it’s a unique addition to the Jets jersey collection. I think a lot of people were expecting some very similar concepts to the Heritage Classic jerseys but I’m glad the team went a different direction. Between the usual navy home jerseys and the lighter blue aviator jerseys, this addition gives a different feeling while still staying true to Winnipeg’s past.

Lastly, whether you like it or not, you can’t stop the Jets from wearing it. That means you better get ready to see it in action.