With the additions of J.T. Miller, Micheal Ferland, and Tyler Myers via trade and free agency, the Canucks have found themselves in a tight spot when it comes to their salary cap situation. This is especially true in the case of Brock Boeser, who remains unsigned, with the Canucks currently having just over $5 million dollars in cap space to get a deal done. He’s far from the only RFA who’s still waiting for a contract, and he isn’t eligible to sign an offer sheet, so time is on the team’s side, for now. Having said that, even the most conservative estimates would suggest $5 million isn’t  going to be enough space, so chances are the Canucks are going to have to do some creative manoeuvring to open up the space to get Brock Boeser signed.

How would you handle the Brock Boeser situation? 

Last week I asked: Who should Ferland play with next season?


The crux of this comes down to line chemistry and situation. Assuming he finds chemistry with Bo and EP, it should vary from game to game. Against teams with 2 good scoring lines, he should be with Horvat to push the needle on line 2 and change the tone of the game for the other team from scoring to “protect yourself from injury” rather than score. If the team is a one line wonder, he should be put on EP’s line to neutralize the opposite teams checking line in the offensive zone and create space for EP and Boeser while hopefully retrieving pucks off the boards and screening goalies.


This is a tough one!
While I would like to see a tough guy that digs pucks out of the corners play with EP and Brock. Th thought of adding a playmaker that can score 20+ goals in Miller would give the Canucks a true top line.
Ferland would be a great addition to play with Bo and Tanner and make a 2nd line that is a beast.


Play Ferland with Pettersson and Boeser. He will create space for both and provide net front with finishing ability.

Play Miller with Horvat, probably on his right wing, with Baertschi or Pearson on the other side.


I’d aim high and have Ferland play with Pettersson for the first stint of season to see if they find any chemistry. Ask him to retrieve pucks and agitate other team’s top lines like Burrows did for the Sedins. He brings a different dimension to the Boeser-Pettersson tandem that may prove more fruitful than Goldobin or Leivo. If that doesn’t pan out Miller gets a shot and Ferland would still upgrade the middle six. When Roussel is healthy the two could make it miserable for the opposition, up and down the lineup.


I wonder if Ferland would be a good fit to play with Elias Pettersson and Loui Eriksson. He would provide protection for both and may give Loui a chance to rejuvenate his career.

At the very least Eriksson would put up some numbers that would make him more attractive to some team as a trade acquisition.

Hockey Bunker:

Gotta be with EP and BB. Defensemen will be in survival mode watching out for Ferland so much they’ll lose sight of the shooters.
It’ll make both of them better as they are quick strike opportunists. Can’t say Goldy had the same impact, LOL.
Given the make up of the Canucks, teams are going to mark the game down on their calendars as ones to keep your head up in.