The Canucks signed another bid-name free agent last week, inking forward Micheal Ferland to a four-year deal worth $14 million.

Jim Benning has made a flurry of moves this summer with the goal of improving the team enough to make the playoffs in 2019-20, and Ferland looks as though he’s going to play a big role in helping the Canucks achieve that goal.

Who should Ferland play with next season?

Last week I asked: What defense pairings would you like to see?

Killer Marmot:

The first thing I’d do is not talk about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line pairings, because it might not be a particularly fruitful designation for a while. With half of the defensive corps replaced from the start of the previous season, it’s going to take a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The second thing I’d do is pair Stecher with Benn. Both are strong on the penalty kill, and so they can be the first over the boards when the Canucks are down a man. Stecher’s quickness with Benn’s physicality should be a good match.


Benning said TG would figure it out in camp but to start I would pair.
Get away from designated “shutdown” roles and pair offense with defensively responsible partners. Eddy and Myers would be a big interesting pairing for sure.

Hockey Bunker:

Edler and Myers so Myers has green light to attack. It’s a pair other teams will fear.
Benn and Stecher all round and PK
Hughes and Tanev so Hughes has a reliable partner and can freelance in limited minutes and on power play.Tanev and Edler pair up on PK.
Myers is primary PP dman because of his shot and playmaking.
Then over the season playing times can be adjusted.
But basically all pairings can attack 5 on 5 and have strong PP and PK options while icetime is relatively balanced.


I would love to see 2 line ups

Edler Myers – all purpose, all around grest 2nd pair… Also run the 2nd PP
Hughes stetcher – speedy skilled and offensive … Let the kids play!! High risk-high reward, new age #1 defence pairing

Tanev Benn – shut down and PK specailist

If you wanted something more balanced

Edler tanev – tested and true solid pairig
Myer hughes- offensive and protection for Hughes… Also could compliment each other quite well.
Stetcher benn- really good and balanced 3rd pairing.. could easily swap tanev and setch depending on the game style


Edler- Stecher cause it worked before, Myers – Benn, Hughes- Tanev, and just hope that Julolevi, Woo, Rathbone and a couple other young players develop quickly. Some decent prospects in the draft next year as well, provided they keep the pick.