I fully admit to some heavy bias, but top to bottom I think the Winnipeg Jets have one of the most beautiful sets of jerseys in the entire NHL. Eight years ago they knocked it out of the part when they unveiled their new home and road look out at 17 Wing, a look they have kept the same since that day save for a few minor uniform tweaks made with a switch of jersey suppliers.

They introduced an alternate 3rd jersey last season – and it will make it’s season debut tonight against the New York Islanders. I know it’s been the subject of a fair amount of scorn, but personally I love the dubbed “Aviator” jersey. The light blue (or “Aviator Blue” as the team officially puts it) is a look that is unique to the league.

In 2016 with the Heritage Classic planned for later in the season against the Edmonton Oilers, the Jets came out with a brand new white heritage jersey with a logo and a overall look that was inspired by the WHA years of the original Winnipeg Jets. The jersey was incredibly popular with fans, was almost constantly sold out early on and while the plans may have been to use it for one year and then shelve it, the Jets have since wore that jersey at least once every season since as part of team heritage nights – typically when they are honoring someone as part of their Jets Hall Of Fame.

Before this season started, with another Heritage Classic in the plans for Regina against the Calgary Flames, the Jets introduced a blue version of that popular heritage jersey that again harkened back to their WHA years.

The popularity of the heritage jerseys has had many Jets fans thinking that maybe the vintage looks should be the permanent home and away looks for the modern day Winnipeg Jets, with the old logo being part of the change.

Jets Nation, our WWYDW (Thursday Edition) is us asking if you think the Jets should have the heritage jerseys as their permanent home and away jerseys. Would you just do a simple exchange and have what are the current home and away looks be the alternate jerseys? Would you also change the team logo to the vintage 70’s logo, or would you put the current Jets logo on the heritage jerseys to create a new hybrid look of old and new? Or maybe you keep everything the way it is.

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